2021 – 2022 Funded Grants


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Young Adult Product Development & Management Training 2021-02
Community of Pampa de Sequez (Cajamarca) & San Antonio (Amazonas)
Funded by: Kerry

The objective of this project is to train young adults to be able to produce and manage the farms they were raised on. The pandemic generated by COVID-19, makes us look at the rural sector with hope, the countryside did not stop supplying the cities with food, many young people who studied and worked in the cities returned to their communities when the colleges/schools were closed, when they lost their jobs due to the closure of factories/companies or they were not able to carry out their activities in the trades. Many built temporary housing on their farms to be able to escape the contagion in the populated cities providing us with the opportunity to train these young people and provide them with an opportunities for their future.

UPDATE: July 2022
Young adult training has started with San Antonio. We are also working with high school students since the topic was motivational, we worked with everyone. Workshops have also been done with leaders, promoters and inspectors from UCAM (Roblepampa, New York, Huamboya) and San Antonio.


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