Refurbish La Florida Community Center 2021-12

This project started with the meeting of the association leaders and the appointment of the project leader who was responsible to ordering and coordinating purchase and arrival of the materials needed to renovate the bamboo community center.

Since the bamboo building did not hold up to the weather as anticipated the renovations included adding brick, as well as improving the wiring in the building. Iron, cement, bricks, wiring, sandpaper, thinner were purchased for this project. Not all of the work was completed by community members, it was necessary to hire skilled brick layer and a painter.

The producers’ provided the effort the create better conditions for the development of their community space. They were able to provide the work, but they did not have additional financial resources for the project. The low productivity of their crops despite having higher prices protected by Fair Trade is only used to meet primary needs and with many limitations.

The renovations are complete and ready for community meetings and a secure place to bring their coffee when transporting it to the processing plant.

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