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2019 – 2020 Grants

Cafe Femenino Foundation Grants

The Café Femenino Foundation is a non-profit organization working to enhance the lives of women and families in coffee producing communities by providing grants and support to worthy programs and projects. Donations are an integral part of our success.

We appreciate your interest in the grants available for sponsorship and welcome your contribution to making a difference in the lives of women and their families.

We are in the process of accepting 2020/2021 grant applications. Please check back after July 10th to see the 2020/2021 grants available or contact Marilyn or by phone 360.909.8671 for an update.

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Grant # Country/Community Grant Name Amount More
2019-30b Partially Funded by: Cup For Education
Peru – Amazonas
Communities of Fatima, Nueva York, Gramalote, Roblepampa, San Antonio
Early Education Centers (115 students) $5,750
Grant Description:

The children in rural Peru are severely malnourished, this grant provides funds needed to educate the teachers, parents and students on food nutritional value and how to incorporate the foods into their daily diet with the goal of reducing malnutrition in the rural coffee producing communities in Peru. This is year six of this program. Each year the impact is measured by a visiting nurse taking, and recording, the height and weight of the students ages 3-5 three times per year. In total, 269 students, 164 parents and 25 teachers in 15 rural early education centers will participate in year five of this program. The curriculum for the early education center students also includes personal hygiene and dental care. Funds will cover the cost of the traveling nurse three times a year, as well as materials needed for the early education centers such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, wash clothes, crayons, books, paper, glue, lunch boxes, mats for the floor where the children sit and play for each education center.

Adopted by: Maggie Chang
Community of Tallapampa (Salas)
Water Reservoir Construction $3,460
Grant Description:

This community is one of extreme poverty and needs assistance to improve the productivity of the crops and pastures. Water is scarce and water management is difficult.
Climate change has seriously affected the cultivation of both coffee and food, rainfall has been reduced to only four months per year. They have been able to distribute the water through a system of channels to the producers by flooding, which can cause erosion of the soils and under-utilization of the water resources. This grant will build small reservoirs that benefit 4 or 5 families and allow them to store their water quotas and install a sprinkler irrigation system. This would make it possible to have enough water at the time of the flowering of the coffee and to achieve an increase in production and quality, as well as ensure water for production of vegetables and quinoa and kiwicha. Funds will be used for materials (cement, pipes, plastic liners, sprinklers and hose) to construct the reservoirs, as well as qualified workforce, transportation of materials and some technical advice.


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