2021-48 Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Workshops

7.26.23: Grant 2021-48 UPDATE from Peru:
There have been several completed workshops, however, the first half of the year has been very complicated due t the problem of rain, the Yaku cyclone and the closure of roads. Due to this problem, it has not been possible to carry out the activities scheduled for the second half of the year.

After May, the harvest came and with the shortage of labor and the climatic problem of the rains that still persists not making it possible to get the women out of their usual activities.
The workshops during the program will have covered Leadership. Gender Equality, Cooperation and Solidarity, Teamwork, Communication and Assertiveness, Technical Productive Management-Diversification; Organizational and Commercial Management.

The Women’s Leadership Empowerment program will continue after the harvest, starting the end of August, 2023.

Amazonas August 2022


Lambayeque August 2022


Amazonas December 2022

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