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Picture at SCA Seattle 2018 - Cafe Femenino Foundation with Antonio from Guatemala.

Food Security Project funded in 2017

During the May 2019 trip to Guatemala, we visited one of the projects funded by Cafe Femenino Foundation and it's supporters.

ASOBAGRI - This community had suffered during a massacre and while they were rebuilding their coffee trees, they were hit hard by roya. Roya is a fungus that causes significant damage to coffee plants. It strips them of their leaves, leaving them without nutrients, and ultimately inhibits them from bearing fruit. Their coffee is now looking beautiful. The Cafe Femenino women’s group is growing with more farms in transition to Cafe Femenino. As part of the Food Security Project, they built raised chicken coupes and fenced areas for chickens and turkeys. The chickens produce eggs and meat for the family as well as provide an additional income when sold in the community.