2020 Guatemala Hurricane Relief Fund 2020-69

Guatemala Emergency Relief

Communities in Guatemala are still isolated after 2 ½ months making it difficult to get provisions to the coffee producers and their families. They have requested Emergency Relief funds to repair the damage done to 17 roofs, each roof repair is $805. Together we have raised $9,570, make a donation today to help! We still need $4130

November, 2020
Due to damage and devastation caused by Hurricane Eta and later Hurricane Iota, thousands of families have been affected in Guatemala and neighboring countries. Some completely losing their homes, loss of coffee, cardamom, corn, basic grains and loss of family members. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, the hurricanes seriously impacts the economy.

The Asobagri coffee producers and their families in the Huehuetenango and Quiche region are also suffering due to the overflowing of rivers causing flooding, total destruction of bridges, landslides that have buried home, a situation that left more than 2,700 families totally isolated and now suffer from lack of food, medicine, clothing, water for human consumption because the access roads are totally blocked and the only option now is delivery by helicopter. The hardest-hit communities of Barillas, Santa Eulalia , San Pedro Soloma, Chiantla, Chajul, and Nebaj El Quiche.

The Café Femenino Foundation set up a donation fund for anyone who would like to make a donation. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible and will help those farmers of the Asobagri cooperative located in the Huehuetenango area of Guatemala. All donations will transfer directly to the farmer’s cooperative of Asobagri and disbursed to hardest-hit communities as needed.

You can help! Click the button below to make your donation. Select the "Guatemala Hurricane Relief Fund" for the category of your donation.

Here are some of the images we have received of the damage caused by these hurricanes. Click to enlarge images.


ROASTERS & COFFEE SHOPS: We have put together some social media posts that you can use on your social media pages and invite your followers to donate as well. You can right click on any of the the images below and save them and you can use the text below each image for your social media post.

THE ROAD NO MORE – The recent Guatemala hurricanes made many roads impassable
and will require the use of helicopters to drop food, medicine and building repair
supplies to the coffee producers in the isolated communities in the Huehuetenango
and Quiche regions. All donations, large or small, are helpful. Make a tax-deductible
donation to help these women and their families at www.cffoundation.org.
#grantingHOPEworldwide @CafeFemeninoFoundation

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EVACUATION: Hurricanes Eta & Iota forced coffee producers and families in
the Huehuetenango and Quiche regions to evacuate on foot due to the overflowing
rivers & landslides damaging homes, coffee farms and foot bridges. You can help
by making a donation to help rebuild their homes and provide supplies at www.cffoundation.org.
#grantingHOPEworldwide @CafeFemeninoFoundation

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GATHERING BELONGINGS: As a result of hurricanes Eta & Iota in Guatemala
more than 2,700 families were left isolated and now suffer from lack of food,
medicine, clothing and safe shelter.
You can help by making a donation today at www.cffoundation.org.
#grantingHOPEworldwide @CafeFemeninoFoundation