Pampa Hermosa Peru

Pampa Hermosa
Pampa Hermosa is a community located in the Andes of Lambayeque, in the province of Ferreñafe, District of Kañaris (Cañaris). The community has no electricity service, no drinking water, and no roads for vehicles, it can only be reached by traveling 3.5 hours by truck to the Laguna Huanama Town Center and from there 2.5 hours on foot or by horse. It does not have primary or secondary educational services, it only has an Early Education Center in operation, for children under 5 years of age, the promoter of this Early Education Center is financed by the parents themselves. They do not have health services. The closest Medical Post is in Caserío La Cria, a 3.5-hour walk away.

Bordering Communities
North: Community of Santa Lucia
South: Huallabamba Town Center
East: Saint Lucia
West: Espino Farmhouse

Goals & Objectives
Identify main problems and needs to establish priorities for health care and education

Pampa Hermosa Coffee

More Information
* The community of Pampa Hermosa has a population of approximately 150 inhabitants, in scattered dwellings. Families have approximately 3 to 5 children. It has a good number of young people.
* The houses are made of adobe (mud) with a corrugated iron roof.
* Most families have State support through social programs.
* Its entire population is dedicated to agriculture, it has small plots dedicated to the cultivation of food (corn, beans, broad beans, wheat), pastures for cattle and the cultivation of coffee and some fruit trees (orange, banana).

Temperate in the middle part and cold in the upper part, temperature from 10°C to 22°C

Guabas, faique, cedar, chilcas, passion fruit, lime, lucuma

Deer, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, wild turkey, pigeons.

Main problems:
- Low productivity of their crops due to water scarcity.
- Low profitability of their breeding due to the scarcity of pastures. They raise cattle, poultry, guinea pigs and pigs.
- They do not have educational services
- They do not have health services.
- They do not have drinking water and sewage services