Coffee Ecosystem Recovery, Damaged by Cyclone Yaku 2022-48

March 6, 2024 UPDATE
Caracha Coffee Nursery
The area to be used has been cleaned, two nursery beds have been prepared. 2.5 kilos of seed were placed in Caracha.

Coffee seeds of the Marseillaise and Bourbon varieties have been delivered from the demonstration plot of the Villarrumi Producers Committee, this plot has organic certification within the CECANOR-PROASSA Specialty Coffee Program. These varieties, depending largely on harvest and post-harvest management, have high cup quality.

In the Villarrumi demonstration plot, good productive performance of these varieties has been demonstrated, which is why they are being disseminated in communities with similar environmental characteristics.

12,500 coffee plants will be prepared, bagging has already been done and will be taken to the final field in 2 months.

Seeds – Bourbon
– Marseillaise 1:00kg
1:50kg Caracha

Results that we are obtaining:
– Interest among producers in renewing old plantations and those damaged by Cyclone Yaku.
– Interest of producers in knowing the behavior of the Marseillaise and Bourbon coffee varieties.
– Expectation to see the results of technical management in the preparation of the germinating beds and the bagging of the coffee seedlings.
– We will have good weather with the rains by the time they take it to the final field.

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