Disaster Support – Lambayeque 2022-40

The funds provided were used to cover the expenses of tickets and food for 12 representatives of the 10 communities who went to Chiclayo or Lambayeque to make arrangements for support for their communities. They were able to secure support from the authorities for machinery and fuel for the repair of the roads making in possible to get supplies and products in and out of the communities.

Food supplies of rice, sugar, oil, beans, pasta and salt were distributed to the 155 people, from the five (5) communities, who participated in repairing the roads, fixing school classrooms and repairing the irrigation systems damaged by Cyclone Yaku. Overall, 620 people benefited from the food supplies distributed to those who participated in the recovery of the driveable roads and the irrigation infrastructure.

This program was deemed a success because the community leaders where successful in getting the authorities to allocate machinery for the repair of roads and they received food supplies for the work on the road repair and irrigation canals. There was an appreciated solidarity after going through the difficulties they had faced and there is a commitment to continue working to improve their living conditions. The unexpected benefit was the recognition the community leaders received for securing the support from the authorities.

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