2020-13 Wet Mill Infrastructure Improvement

2020-13 Wet Mill
This project was funded just weeks after the start of the pandemic, the cyclone Yaku and heavier than normal rains causing multiple landslides, each causing project delays. Despite the many challenges the project has been completed and the coffee producers are starting to see the impact.

The project was managed by the community and started with the directors and partners of the association of producers of the community of Virgen de Fatima to determine what they need to improve their harvest management and post-harvest of coffee and ensure better product quality.

The committee was also responsible for determining the number of beneficiary families, assess the budget. The producer’s need and willingness to participate in the project were taken into consideration from the beginning. This is of utmost importance because the grant funds cover only the cost of materials, the producers and community have to provide the labor needed.

Overall, 8 pulpers were delivered, 85 bags of cement delivered for the construction of 8 pampillos (coffee drying patios) and 5 solar tents were delivered for drying coffee. There were 15 direct beneficiary families.

The beneficiaries showed a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to achieve the improvement of the quality of their coffee, the reduction of the time dedicated to the drying of their coffee and the reduction of losses by difficulties in pulping.

The producers are showing the improvement of the quality of their coffee and have become an example of how taking advantage of resources and hard work can improve their coffee quality.

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