Sprinkler Irrigation System 2020-20

Sprinkler irrigation systems were installed for seven coffee producers in the community benefiting 15 people of La Cría, The systems channeled the water from small springs with pipes or hoses and depositing it in small reservoirs called pilcas.

This allowed them to have sufficient water in times of flowering of coffee and achieve the increase of the production and quality of coffee and guarantee the production of food on a permanent basis contributing to reduce malnutrition in children and improve the quality of life of the population.

The catchment point was from the ravine called Blade to move the water through a channel called El Triunfo that currently has an agricultural use license granted by the ANA, It starts at UTM coordinates 6683454E, 9336490N Point N°1 of start of the catchment until the next Point N°2 that is at UTM coordinates 667362E, 9336039N there is a path of 1500 linear meters using two-inch HDPE hose hoses to maintain the flow of water that will reach the reservoir.

There were several criteria that was taken into consideration to determine if the producer received the benefit of the irrigation system: the producer had to be willing to actively participate in the project and work directly with and take direction from the project Engineer in the design and technical direction of the construction of the catchment and the reservoir, they had to contribute in the project by providing the physical labor to complete the project.

In the end, the water collection was built near the reservoir, the2" hoses have been designed and laid for the conduction of water from the catchment to the reservoir in a distance of 1500mts. A reservoir of 07 m x09mx2m and with a capacity of 11x 3 m3 has been built 195m of geomembrane of 0.75 HPDE has been used.

What were the reactions of the participants?
* A lot of enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the construction of the pilca.
* A lot of joy to see that the water reaches the pool and that it is possible to rationalize the use of water for irrigation.
* Security of increasing the production and quality of your coffee.
* Diversify its production with the installation of fruit trees, cereals, vegetables.
* Leadership in the community and neighboring communities, the construction of small reservoirs constitutes the most innovative and beneficial experience in the area.

What was the impact on the community?
The producers are now requesting support to install other systems for other families, they now see it is possible to better manage the scare resource of water and they see that it is possible to conduct water in an way from several hundred meters away. Growers are seeing that it is possible to manage at least 1 5 hectares with water using it to be deposited in the pool and using the sprinkler irrigation system.

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