Organic Gardens and Food-Prep Workshops 2019-60

Organic Garden and Food Prep Workshop
Funded by: Cafe Femenino Foundation

Everyone needs adequate nutrition to ensure the possibility of enjoying the highest level of physical, emotional and intellectual development. The organic gardens planted and maintained by the women’s coffee program provides access to foods needed for proper nutrition and balanced meals. Today in the markets chemically fertilized vegetables are sold at a very high cost.

Currently, 49.8% of the population is malnourished and Guatemala is #1 in Latin America for childhood malnutrition. This is due to poverty, lack of opportunities and store-bought foods with chemicals. By taking advantage of the land they have been available the women are able to produce more nutritious, organically grown fruits and vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, beets, carrots, tomatoes, radishes and reduce the expense of foods purchased in the stores.

75 women received the vegetable seeds, fertilizers and participated in the food-prep workshops. The women shared their success with others in the community. Next year they hope to be able to improve their gardens by adding more varieties of seeds and look for additional land available for organic gardens. It is their hope that, with an increase in organically grown foods and the reduction of processed foods, over time they will see a decrease in childhood malnutrition.

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