Non-Chemical Composting Project 2019-59

Guatemala Nahuala
Funded by: DR Wakefield

The objective of this project is to give more support to the women coffee producers by providing them with the opportunity to produce organic fertilizer for their plot of land and provide technical assistance. The goal is to continue producing a good coffee harvest by improving the fertilization of the soil, taking care of the environment with the use of liquid fertilizers, organic solids also taking care of their health and health of their families. A technical assistant visited each plot of land to make soil and plant assessments and leaving recommendations of what to use on the land that will yield a good quality product.

The women were given solid fertilizers, the worm culture, to increase production of their organic coffee.
This year 136 women, eight new women this year, had the opportunity to work on improving their coffee by participating in the non-chemical composting (worm) project. The success of the project was measured by the: improvement of the soil structure; increased organic production; improved productivity of each family; good quality coffee, care for the environment and health; move involvement by the women in agronomy; personalized technical assistance and the strengthening of the 136 member women’s coffee group.

Project Coordinator’s Statement:
As coordinator for the Biofabrica my work focused more on accompanying the women to the field helping to control their plot since our main product, coffee, so we want to give them our best efforts with great affection working to give the best quality coffee possible. This year was hard for everyone but the women were not left behind. We traveled to their plot of land, provided them good organic fertilizers to ensure a good harvest. The women participated in several workshops on organic agriculture, pest and disease control. The women received other benefits, not directly tied to this project, such as the income diversification oyster mushroom project, masks, soap and hand sanitizers to assist in being able to follow the contagion protocols while working to product the good quality coffee. This year we see the smile of hope and joy on their faces and the love for the work they do to earn the daily bread to take and give the best for their children.

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