Chicken Roost Construction 2019-55

The cooperative began in 1963 when a group of men joined the organization and identified the needs they had regarding their production. It was then that they began to seek support for their production. The women did not participate until 2004 when the wife of our buyer saw the women’s need for support. At that time in 2004 a group of women gathered and their desire to start the brand of women’s coffee began.. In 2006 they met the criteria for their coffee to be sold as Café Femenino, the women’s coffee group in USA.

Today they are able to request this project, and others, that generates a second income for the family. Completion of this project of breeding of laying hens is self-sustainable providing them with eggs and provides nutrition for their children. The additional income is earned by the sale of the eggs, fertilizer generated by the chickens and ultimate the chicken is a source of meat. The fertilizer is applied to their plot of land. The women view this project as a way to start a long-term business that they themselves will carry out.

100 women received 10 – 23 day old chicks along with feed and vitamins. They received additional training on how to raise and care for the chickens as well as assistance in locating a local market for egg sales and how to increase the number of chickens to each of the producers.

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