Emergency Medical Loan Funds 2019-01

Grant 2019-01
Emergency Medical Loan Funds
Funded by: 23 Degrees Coffee

Due to the emergency situation that Peru and the world are going through, it has not been possible to carry out the training workshops for the promoters, however the funds have been delivered to 7 beneficiaries, from the communities of New York (2), Guadalupe (2), Murojaga (1), San Antonio (1), Agua Azul (1).

It has been a great help for women since this fund has allowed them to tend to their health problems. They addressed health conditions of seven (7) women from five (5) communities immediately, when it was needed, rather than waiting until they had the extra financial resources. Most of the women have been able to pay back the medical loan and now the funds are available to be used by other women.

This fund not only helped the women in need with financial resources it gave other women leadership opportunities of administering the micro-loan funds by receiving applications, evaluating and approving the funding and the follow-up to make sure the funds were used and paid back. The lending team was then recognized by the coffee cooperative leaders, the women coffee producers, as well as the Women’s Coffee Foundation. The unexpected benefit was the improved self-esteem and knowing that they were not alone.

The Medical Emergency Micro Loan fund is relatively small and the need is great, especially now as all available financial resources must be used for food and other necessities due to the pandemic. The women plan to ask for additional funds to be able to increase the overall amount they have available to loan to other women in need of medical assistance.

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