Water Reservoir Construction 2019-19

Grant 2019-19
Water Reservoir Construction
Funded by: Caffe Ibis – Coffee Roasting Company

2019-19 Water Reservoir Construction

Naranjo, is a community located at 1,400 meters above sea-level, in the District of Kanaris in the Lambayeque region, 170km from the city of Chiclayo. Coffee producers manage 01 hectare of land on average. With financial support from the Café Femenino Foundation and roasters such as Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasting Company they have been able to construct small water reservoirs (pilcas) to store water for irrigation and ensure the sustainability of crops for the support of their family: coffee, vegetables, grains, fruit trees, etc.
Five coffee producers benefitted from the pilca and were able to diversify the food crops and improve the quality of their coffee to improve their income and improve their living conditions.
The reservoir is 12m long x 7m high and 2m deep; the volume of water storage is 120m3; the water collection chamber has been built; 2” pipe has been used on a 150-meter route from the catchment to the reservoir; 4” pipe was used for the water outlet.

It was no small task to move the reservoir liner to the site of the water reservoir – it required that 15 members of the community work together to make the move possible.
The funds provided for this project were for materials and technical advice; the coffee producers and community provided the enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the construction of the reservoir. They were overjoyed when they witnessed the water coming to the reservoir and ultimately down to irrigate the crops. The water reservoir assures an increase in production and quality of their cover as well as the ability to diversify the production of fruits, cereals, vegetables, quinoa and kiwicha.
The construction of the water reservoir is the newest and most beneficial project establishing the coffee producers of Naranjo as leaders in their community and neighboring communities.

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