2020-56 Oyster Mushroom Production Project

Make your donations go farther!

Kaladi will match all donations received for the 2020-56 Oyster Mushroom Project. What a great opportunity.

Grant Description:
For many years there has been a strong link between Nahuala and the Cafe Femenino Foundation. Income Diversification is one of our strategies in achieving our mission of “Enhancing the lives of women and families in the remote coffee communities“. The cultivation and sale of oyster mushrooms has proven to be an excellent opportunity for the women coffee producers to provide the, much needed, additional income for their children and families.

There are 135 active women in the organization and the additional resources are needed to expand the project to 75 more women; each woman would be given seven pounds of seeds to start the oyster mushroom production. The mushrooms will be produced for their own use and also sold generating additional income, as well as contribute to reducing malnutrition in the children in their communities. Funds will be used to purchase the oyster mushrooms seeds, materials needed for the production of the mushrooms and the other supplies needed to successful grown and harvest the oyster mushrooms. This request shares expenses with the Cooperative of Nahuala funding the mushroom cobs needed to start the oyster mushroom production.

The objectives are:
• Increase the number of oyster fungal producers
• Help low-income women
• Produce food to consume and/or to sell
• Generate the opportunity for the women to earn their own money
• Reduce childhood malnutrition

This project has been tested and found to be successful at achieving the desire goals. The women are anxious to expand the project and give the other women coffee producers the opportunity to increase their income as well.

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