2020-05 Beekeeping Project

Beekeeping Grant Funded

For this year’s Full Circle donation, we are delighted to be able to support 4 families in the four communities of Villarumi, San Jose Huanama, Huanama and La Cria. Beekeeping has great potential to produce a variety of products such as honey, pollen, wax and royal jelly-these extra revenue streams are a great tool for farmers to diversify their income. The project centres around extending microloans to 4 families to start beekeeping businesses. After 2 years when the loan is paid back, more local families will have the opportunity to apply for a beekeeping loan. The idea behind the project is to create long lasting income diversification for these coffee farming communities. Any donation in the current climate will be greatly appreciated.


Peru – Lambayeque
Communities of Villarumi, San Jose Huanama, Huanama and La Cria
Beekeeping Project

Beekeeping Project Description:

Coffee is now the main income generating product in the Lambayeque region of Northern Peru, however the market price volatility makes it difficult for producers’ when prices are low. The beekeeping project consists of purchasing materials to build the bee boxes, bees, harvest equipment and workshops on all aspects of beekeeping. Workshops planned will address: Bee-Honey Production; Care of Bees; Honey Harvest, Royal Jelly, Pollen; Processing and Packaging of Honey; Uses of Honey in Food; Packaging and Labels. A successful bee project will not only provide a second income, it will improve the coffee production by pollinating the coffee flower. The pollination will contribute to improving the quality of the coffee and other grains grown in the region. Honey will be produced from October to January during coffee flowering time and again from February through September during fruit flowering time.

It will provide additional income for four (4) families in the four communities of Villarumi, San Jose Huanama, Huanama and La Cria.These funds will be setup as a micro loan and in two years the funds will be offered to four more families. Families apply for the funds needed to start their beekeeping business and agree to pay the funds back within two years.

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(photos from previous beekeeping project)

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