Food Security Workshop 2018-11

Funded by Cafe Femenino Foundation

Food Security Rwanda

This food security grant provided funding for purchasing seedlings, purchasing food supplies, workshops on nutritional eating habits and purchasing livestock.

Vegetable seedlings were purchased and provided to beneficiaries for planting in their home gardens to cut down instances of malnutrition and ensure proper nutrition in families with children.

The livestock that was purchsaed include 64 chickens, 32 rabbits and 16 goats. These actually provide a lot to families with eggs and meat but also the ability to use the manure for fertilization.

Families with children were also provided with Sosoma (a nutrient rich composite flour mixture of grains, soy beans and sorghum), porridge, milk and oil.

Three workshop sessions were put on for poor households to learn the importance of proper nutrition and how to prepare foods to eradicate malnutrition in these communities.

Gardens and crops:

Beneficiaries receiving the porridge, sosoma, oil and milk:

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