Compost Fertilizer Facility Project 2018-15

Villages of Wonosari; Bintang Permata; Temas Mumanang; Suku Sara Tangke; Suku Bener; Suka Rami; Rembele
Funded by DaVinci

Sumatra Fertilizer Facility Project

This project has enabled Organic fertilizer to be distributed to farmers to improve nutrients in the soil and fertility of coffee plants reducing the use of chemicals in the coffee farms.

The project began with “training a trainer” sessions in composting and decomposting of raw materials. Then those trainers can go on to train additional people in the communities in this methodology.

The trainees were educated by a compost expert from the Regency Government with a bachelors degree in agriculture. The participants in the Training The Trainer workshops were taught:

1) Compost materials and tools
2) The practice of making compost
3) How to treat and care for the compost so that the proper bacteria is developed by fermenting for 30 days
4) How to apply the compost after the 30 day fermentation to the plants and trees
5) Prepare training for farmers in 7 villages accompanied by cooperative staff and experts.

A compost house was built as a training center and compost production site. This building was completed in 2019 and has been in use since December 2019.

Field staff and compost experts monitored soil and coffee changes 3 months after application and again at 6 months. At each monitoring visit, compost officials and experts made any necessary recommendations to improve sustainability.

Training the Trainers:

Follow up training in communities:

Building Compost House:

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