Strengthening of Biofactory Processes 2018-51

FUNDED by Cafe Femenino Foundation Supporters

Organic Farming Guatemala

The goal of this grant was to strengthen production of organic biofertilizers and teach this method to more women coffee producers in order to have increased organic production. In addition to training, these producers were given access to technical support on their farms. Another benefit of this grant are the positive impacts on the environment.

Many of the women coffee producers have not been able to attend workshops on these methods and do not know how to organically protect their land from pests and diseases. This grant has provided additional workshops/training to land owners as well as increased the organic biofertilizers currently being produced.

The result being organically grown coffee but also an increased production as crops will not be lost to pests and diseases such as coffee rust.

The workshops that were put on for the women coffee producers include Organic coffee management, Organic fertilizer production (liquid and solid), and Production of botanical products and calibration of equipment.


  • 11 new women coffee producers were certified as organic this year
  • Every family had increased coffee crops

An unexpected benefit of this project was that many young people got involved in the workshops to help their parents, now whole families are coming together to have a good coffee harvest.

Photos of Workshops & Training:

Photos of Technical Assistance in the field:

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