Library Operations 2018-18

FUNDED by Cup For Education & Cafe Femenino Foundation

Guatemala Library Grant

This grant supports the ongoing need for the community library. Each year these funds help to buy supplies and provide a librarian that also acts as a teacher to the children needing help with schoolwork. Since 2007, the Cafe Femenino Foundation has continued to support this effort for the community.

Success is measured through children’s participation and interest in library programs. More and more new children are using the community libraries. They consider the library as their second home or second school because the homework given to them at school, they take to the library to complete. Some children need the library to conduct research for their homework, borrow books for reading or participate in reading and writing programs. The children are very active and responsible in their schoolwork and that is a success of the library project.

Currently 25-30 children visit the library daily. Monthly, around 600 to 700 children visit the library for the services and programs provided.

The Library has a strong impact that is being seen in the community in families and to each of the children. Before the majority of children were very shy, did not want to talk or participate, but through the library the reading programs, children started to participate! Through different techniques and teaching, the children began to lose their fear, shyness and little by little everything changed. Now they are thoughtful, participatory and creative children because they themselves already invent their own stories and even in the way they speak. Children are very interested in learning new things everyday, every time they arrive at the library, they grab a book and start reading. When they find an unknown word, they grab the dictionary and start looking for the meaning of the word and that is a result of the success of the Library project.

Parents of families are very satisfied and grateful for this project that is supporting their children’s education. Without the support of this grant the library would have to close.

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