Casa Cafe Femenino 2018-25

Casa Cafe Femenino 2018-25
Funded by Moka Joe Coffee

In 2018 Casa Cafe Femenino had dirt floors and was in desperate need of repair.

Casa Cafe Femenino Grant Casa Cafe Femenino Grant

The Casa Café Femenino Murojaga-Aspape project is located in the community of Murojaga- Salas District of the Lambayeque Region and directly benefits 30 women coffee producers from the community. Training meetings and assemblies will be held here for the women to meet and discuss their problems as well as make plans for the future.

In addition, this place will now provide temporary shelter to women and children mistreated or to escape violence by their partner or family members.

This grant provided flooring, ceiling and paint, 3 cement benches around the premises, the installation of electricity (materials: pipe, cable, keys) and a lavatory.

The community of Murojaga now see this place as being the perfect place for their meetings. The partners are very happy and proud to have this atmosphere that facilitates their meetings. Women are now assured of having a shelter environment in the event of violence.

After this project was completed:

Casa Cafe Femenino Grant

Casa Cafe Femenino Grant Casa Cafe Femenino Grant

A heartfelt message from Murojaga, Ulises Rojas

Message from Murojaga

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