Wet Mill Improvements 2018-43

Wet Mill

The original project was to construct 3 centralized wet mill modules that include fermentation tanks and drying patios to improve the quality of the coffee. While planning to execute this project, it became apparent that it was cost prohibitive to complete the 3 centralized wet mills. They prepared a request to modify the original project to build cement drying patios for each of the 24 producers and it was approved by the Cafe Femenino Foundation board. Now each of the 24 coffee producers has their own individual drying patio.

Success Story:
“The partners have to value the organization, only so it is possible that we receive some support, we are very grateful for the interest of the Women’s Coffee Foundation for helping us, they come, visit us, know our houses, our farms and can know about the needs of small producers and especially women. A thousand thanks to the Foundation and our organization”
-Margarita Delgado

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