Beneficio (wet mill) Equipment 2018-42

2018-42 Grant

The project was a big success with a very big learning curve for the producers. It is the only centralized wet mill in the Lambayeque region and the only centralized wet plant equipped with the conditions to guarantee not only quality but product safety.

The centralized wet mill now has a motor driven coffee pulper. This completed project guarantees the improvement of income for the producers through the price of their coffee as the coffee quality has been improved. When the activities of pulping, fermenting, washing and drying are carried out together and not individually as they did before, the producers will have more time to dedicate to the farm and crops to improve food for their family and the community as well as more time to participate in meetings, learning and training.

It's a solution that can be repeated in other communities.

Success Story:
"Now we don't pulp until midnight, and we don't have to get up early in the morning to get water to wash the coffee. Everything is all in once place."
-Juana Barrios

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