Water Reservoir Hierba Buena 2018-29

Construction of Water Reservoir 2018-29
FUNDED by DR Wakefield

Water Reservoir

The community of Hierba Buena, Kañaris District in the Lambayeque Region received assistance to improve the productivity of the crops and pastures.

Before constructing the pilcas (small reservoirs), water was scarce and water management was difficult.

First the water source was located, then the pilca excavation of the well 9m long x 5m wide began. Then the geomembrane is laid in the reservoir. The installation of pipes and valves for the ingress of water into the reservoir and the outlet for the installation of spray irrigation in the plots.

The new pilca has 14 beneficiaries of which 6 are women. This allows them to store their quota of water. The installation of sprinkler irrigation systems provides them sufficient water in times of flowering of coffee and will achieve the increase of production and quality, as well as for food production on a permanent basis.

This project was successful because it addresses one of the most serious problems facing the population of the rural area of the Lambayeque region, which is the scarcity and mismanagement of an absolute necessary resource for life such as water.

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