Kitchen Improvements & Workshops 2018-40

Kitchen Improvements & Workshops 2018-40
Kanaris, Lambayeque: Villarumi, Cangerejera, Moyan, Machucará, Pampa Hermosa, Hierba Buena, Santa Rosa/Espinal
Funded by Kerry/DaVinci

Kitchen Improvements

This incredible grant provided the resources for 60 iron plate cook top surfaces delivered and installed, 60 chimney tubes delivered and installed to ventilate the smoke outside of the home, conducted 5 training workshops on the benefits of using improved kitchens and 5 training workshops for the installation of improved kitchens.

Through the workshops that were also provided, they now understand that many health problems can be avoided by improving their homes, especially the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom environment.

Family kitchens in rural areas are small environments, most without windows with low walls and ceilings. Some do not even have lighting to see what is being cooked in the pot. “It’s like cooking blind.” These kitchens have a large amount of black dust (soot) on the ceilings and walls that is released into food and lungs, leading to the increased respiratory diseases in children and women who are most often in this space.

This project was successful because it contributes to improving the health conditions of the family, especially women and children and it makes it easier for women to prepare food. The new cook stoves use less wood, reducing the use of their valuable natural resources.

Ongoing improvements will be requested by the women in Peru in the following years. Next they will be submitting a new grant request to expand this support into the communities of Corral de Piedra, Chiñama and El Naranjo.

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