Casa Cafe Femenino Kerguer

2018-41 Casa Café Femenino – funded by Jasper Coffee
Kerguer, District of Salas, Lambayeque

The Casa Café Femenino Kerguer-Aspape, is located in the district of Salas in the Lambayeque region. It directly benefits 30 Café Femenino women. The refurbished structure is used for conducting training, holding meetings and will become a space where women can meet permanently to discuss their problems and make plans for the future. The building also provides temporary shelter to abused women and children. This structure will also serve as a storage facility for coffee.

Casa Cafe Femenino Kerguer

The refurbished community center provides a new clean space with modern restroom facilities for trainings, meetings as well as be the place where the women can meet to discuss their challenges and make plans for the future. This is a large building that at one time was a medical center with several rooms, one room now will serve as a warehouse for coffee coming from a previous wet mill project.

The Casa Café Femenino will also serve to provide temporary shelter to women and children abused by their partner or family members. One of the rooms will have a bed and supplies for the temporary housing needs to provide a safe space for women and their children.

The scope of this project included repairing the electrical system and the building structure itself needed repairs, walls were cracked and foundation weak. The old building needed a lot of work just to make it safe to use.

The project encountered a challenge not initially anticipated. They discovered that the plumbing had deteriorated making it impossible for the wastewater to drain from the facility. There is not a sewer system in Kerguer, so to solve the problem they were faced with changing the pipes and installing a biodigestor. This was an additional expense not in the original budget. The Cafe Femenino Foundation Board approved using funds originally provided for the door, glass, bed and other items to instead be used to purchase the biodigestor in order to complete the project. They will submit another request to purchase these final items needed.

The grant covered only the material costs. All labor to refurbish the building was provided by the community members. There were 30 women and 60 families from the community of Kerguer who participated in completing this community center. They will soon complete the project with the purchase and installation of the biodigestor.

Once this building reaches completion the community members will be making plans for their meetings, training, storing their coffee crops, etc. We will add final photos and comments to this report at that time.

Before Building Repairs:
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During Building Repairs:
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UPDATE: 2022

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