EEC 2019 Reports

The reports are in from the 2019 Early Education Center Grants. These reports contain photos from all the communities as well as the statistics gathered from each community.

Early Education Centers
These grants provide funds needed to educate the teachers, parents and students on food nutritional value and how to incorporate the foods into their daily diet with the goal of reducing malnutrition in the rural coffee producing communities in Peru. Each year the impact is measured by a visiting nurse taking and recording, the height and weight of the students ages 3-5 at three different visits throughout the year. The curriculum for the early education center students also includes personal hygiene and dental care. Funds cover the cost of the traveling nurse three times a year, as well as materials needed for the early education centers such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, wash clothes, crayons, books, paper, glue, lunch boxes, mats for the floor where the children sit and play, and more for each education center.

Early Education Centers

pdf-icon Early Education Summary Report

pdf-icon 2019 Amazonas Final Report: Communities of Roblepampa, Fatima, Gramalote, Nueva York and San Antonio

pdf-icon 2019 Cajamarca Final Report: Communities of La Archira and Agua Azul

pdf-icon 2019 Lambayeque Final Report: Communities of Chinama, Cruz de Mayo, Huacapampa, San Jose, Murojaga, La Cria, Tallapampa, Villarumi

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