2023 Emergency Relief Update

Update September 26, 2023
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All food supplies have been delivered to the communities of Lambayeque and Amazonas. 70% of the communities in Cajamarca have received the food supplements, the remaining 30% will be delivered in early October. The gift of the basic food supplements brings the message of kindness and support and they have been gratefully received by the women coffee producers.

Food has been delivered to a total of 22 communities, with delivery pending in 01 community. The food has already been purchased, all that remains is to go and deliver it to the community.
401 families and 1,604 people have benefited. They received a total of: 802 kg of sugar, 802 kg of rice, 802 liters of oil, 401 kg of noodles, 401 kg of lentils, 401 kg of table salt.
Food has been delivered to 14 communities, with delivery pending in two communities, which will take place before October 15.
291 families and 1,164 people have benefited. They received a total of: 582 kg of sugar, 582 kg of rice, 582 liters of oil, 291 kg of noodles, 291 kg of lentils, 291 kg of table salt.
food has been delivered to 14 communities, with delivery pending in 09 communities, it will be delivered before October 30.
93 families and 372 people have benefited. They received a total of: 186 kg of sugar, 186 kg of rice, 186 liters of oil, 93 kg of noodles, 93 kg of lentils, 93 kg of table salt.

The roads in Tallapampa have been cleared using the funds to provide the fuel for the road graders. The landslide leading to Pampa Hermosa was cleared in early September. The community had been isolated since Cyclone Yaku hit in February and their food supplements were delivered a week after the roads opened.
There are still two communities that are isolated due to landslides: La Cria and San Jose Huanama. The requests for funding the fuel to operate the road graders were not yet funded so clearing the earth and boulders is being done manually and is a slow and tedious process.

The funds were used to purchase bus tickets and food so that isolated community leaders could travel to the Province and to the Region to request machinery and fuel. Additionally, funds were used to provide food for those who have worked clearing the roads. The remainder of the food supplies will be delivered in October.

The mesh to protect the coffee plants from the sun has been delivered to Santa Rosa Espinal, Caracha and Machucara; supplies will be delivered to Villarumi and Pampa Hermosa in October. Some irrigation system replacements have been delivered as well. The need for irrigation system replacements will be fully determined upon completion of the community assessment.

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Update June 6, 2023

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Emergency Food Distribution Update:
Grants 2022-38; 2022-39 and 2022-40 Delivery of emergency food to Lambayeque, Cajamarca and Amazonas
– Cajamarca Region Update:
Penachi to all communities complete. La Florida, 50% has been delivered, we had problems with transportation and we could only take 50% in the van. In this month of June, we are delivering the balance.
– Amazonas Region:
Delivery has begun. Several communities are still needing food distribution in June.
– Lambayeque Region Update:
Several communities in Lambayeque still need food distribution, several communities are still isolated, there is no transportation service.

Road Grader Fuel Update:
Grants 2022-41; 2022-42 and 2022-43
They started with the road to Murojaga, but the heavy rains once again collapsed the hill, so they decided to wait for the rain to subside before starting again.
They are advancing on the Villarrumi route. Funds have not yet been disbursed because it is for the final stretch.
Corral de Piedra- Chiñama Naranjo, they are waiting for the rains to decrease
Machucara, Hierba Buena, have not started yet due to the problem of heavy rains.

Communities Isolated Update:
Most communities depend on the roads opening leading up to their community. For example, Pampa Hermosa, San Jose Huanama, Huanama, La Cria, depend on the road that goes to Villarumi in order for their community access roads to be open.
Currently, more than 60% of communities in Lambayeque are still isolated.

Recovery of the Coffee Ecosystem Requests
Grants 2022-47; 2022-48 and 2022-49
Information is being collected in each community, information such as how many coffee plants have been lost, how much has been lost in irrigation systems, and they are assembling the groups to make collective nurseries. There are already three groups: Machucará, Tallapampa, Nueva York. The plan is to put together about 10 groups.
Each group must produce 10 thousand seedlings. That will remain as an activity to be carried over every year.

2022-38 Cajamarca Update:

2022-39 Amazonas Update:

2022-40 Lambayeque Update:

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