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Grant Description:
#2020-30 Peru – Regions Lambayeque (8 centers) & Amazonas – (5 centers)
Grant Title: Early Education Centers
Grant Amount: $10,465 ($805 per education center)

The children in rural Peru are severely malnourished, this grant provides funds needed to educate the teachers, parents and students on food nutritional value and how to incorporate the foods into their daily diet with the goal of reducing malnutrition in the rural coffee producing communities in Peru. The Cafe Femenino Foundation has supported the implementation of this project since 2013. Each year the impact is measured by a visiting nurse taking and recording, the height and weight of the students ages 3-5 three times per year. In total, 230 students, 140 parents and 25 teachers in 15 rural early education centers will participate in this program.

The Program:
The curriculum for the early education center students also includes personal hygiene and dental care. Funds will cover the cost of the traveling nurse, as well as materials needed for the early education centers such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, wash clothes, crayons, books, paper, glue, lunch boxes, mats for the floor where the children sit and play for each education center. Desired results of this program are to contribute to the improvement of the nutritional status of the pre-school children in the 15 communities while providing the children and parents with information that increases their knowledge of proper nutrition, dietary resources available in their community and set them on a path of improved future health.

The Results:
In 2013 we found that 31% of the children were malnourished; 25% were chronically malnourished with 44% of the children in the normal range. After years of education and working with the teachers, children and the parents
Only 2% (4) test malnourished, 95%(193) tested normal, 2% (4) tested overweight and 1% (2) tested obese.

The 2020 school year in Peru was much like schools in the rest of the world, classes were not held inside the school facilities and even when they offered classes outside the parents were reluctant to let their children socialize with others. School and personal hygiene supplies, educational materials and basic food supplies were delivered to the children this year. Unfortunately, vaccines are not available to these communities at this time.

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